Laravel Valet and WordPress

Local WordPress Development With Laravel Valet

I recently discovered Laravel Valet. It’s a quick and minimalist way of setting up a local development environment on a Mac. In this short post, I show how to combine Valet with a bit of scripting to create WordPress development environments quickly and with minimal effort. Continue reading →


Michael McIntyre on Website User Interface Design

Valuable feedback from Michael McIntyre on website UX design. It raises important issues like: if you’re running an e-commerce website selling products to the UK market only, do you really need to list all the countries of the world in the ‘what is your country of residence’ dropdown list on the checkout page?

Sweatin’ The Small Stuff: How Tiny Tweaks Make a Big Difference To User Experience

Margaret Gould Stewart, ‘User experience master’ explains how seemingly small changes can have a huge impact when designing for web applications (like Facebook and YouTube) that have millions of daily users worldwide.


What’s The Difference Between Self-Hosted WordPress &


What Makes WordPress The Best Choice For Your Business Website?

I’m often asked why WordPress is a great choice for building websites for business clients. Here’s an introductory video to address that question.