Heard any good books lately? How Audiobooks Could Change Your Life

audiobooks - heard any good books lately?

How about having someone read you a story? Think about it for a moment. If you’re a parent, you might read to your child every night (good for you!), but I bet more than a few of you, at some point, have harboured a secret wish that one day the tables will be turned and it will be you tucked-up in bed with a hot water bottle whilst someone reads you your favourite story. Now when was the last time that happened?

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Silver Surfers rescue the economy

Silver Surfers rescue the economy

Photo Credit: alice-llp

The level of interest in all things Apple shows no sign of abating, so I decided to bite the bullet and book myself a meeting with the Business Development Manager at the Apple store, Bath. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the feasibility of me providing ‘Apple-flavoured’ services to customers.

The Business Manager was a very amenable chap and we had a very useful discussion, the outcome of which has been me becoming a member of the Apple Store affiliation programme and, crucially, joining the Apple Consultants Network so that I can provide support and consultancy services to existing and potential new customers . This is the bit that requires me to pass a few exams so I expect to have my head buried in a great big Apple textbook for the next few months.
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How d’ya like them Apples? Thoughts on Switching from Microsoft to Mac

 How d’ya like them Apples? Thoughts on Switching from Microsoft to Mac

Photo Credit: macxoom cc

Recently, Apple opened a big new store in my local shopping centre. I went along for a look and was, I have to say, suitably impressed. I was greeted with a smile at the door and invited in to look around. The interior was light, bright and airy; there were sleek video panels on the walls and, stretching out before me, were row upon row of benches adorned with the whole range of Apple products just waiting for me to come and play.

Apple welcomes Microsoft refugees

Faced with all this design excellence and the beaming young faces of the staff all eager to attend to my every tech-retail need, I suddenly felt like a poor, weary, dyed-in-the-wool Microsoft refugee who’d stumbled his way into sanctuary. The worries, stresses and strains caused by long boot up processes, awful anti-virus software, endless customisation, options boxes, tweaking, blue screens of death, etc. all began to melt away as I floated from display bench to display bench, like a bee visiting flowers.
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Publishing for the People

Publishing for the people

Photo Credit: klepas cc

The word ‘blog’ comes from the running together of the words ‘web’ and ‘log’ to form ‘weblog’ or ‘blog’, for short. But just what is a blog?

A blog is a website which allows individuals, groups, businesses (basically anyone) to write articles – known as ‘posts’ – and publish them on the web.

There are over 70 million blogs on the web today covering a huge range of subjects. You name it, there will someone blogging about it. But it’s not just a one-way street. The blogger shares information and allows others to read it and comment on it right there on the web page. If enough readers add their respective comments, a discussion often ensues with readers commenting on other people’s comments. The original article plus the comments often represents a more rounded treatment of the original subject matter. Continue reading →